New Player Tips

Welcome to Pathfinders

A few tips before you get started;

1. We do not use spawn ships.
You can buy a ship from an existing player at the
“New Player Spawn” or you can “Buy” the materials
needed to build a ship. A MOTD can be seen by typing
/motd in chat.

2. IF you’re going to buy materials to start on this
server, please know that,
-The market can be accessed from the area 400K around earth
and isn’t limited to the area around the starting spawn.
Please venture out to a asteroid to build rather
than building at the spawn.

-Further info about the market is available at the
spawn as well as at

3. Ships for sale that do not meet the “Ship Selling Edicate”
as spelled out at the New Player Spawn should be sold at
public area created by the player selling such ships.

4. For fastest responces to help needed;
-Add Zataralee, or Mike Hawk to steam, or join our
Teamspeak @ in the TS app or
Discrod by going to on the

In game type /motd any time to bring up the Message of the day

Welcome to the community!