Space Engineers

Welcome to Pathfinders

General Rules and Guidelines

  • Other than stations marked “public”, DO NOT spawn on a
    medbay that does not belong to you or one of your
    faction members. Doing so is considered “Glitching”
    or exploiting a known glitch. Nanites build medbays
    with no ownership. This can lead to a perm ban!


  • Ramming, due to the performance hit on the server


  • Keep the language and with it the poor attitude to a
    minimum! We understand that the game is frustrating at
    times, and frustrations will show. That said, we do have
    streamers on the server daily, so to be in line with Twitch
    we ask you keep it down. Players who have a problem
    with this will only be asked ONE TIME to tone is down.


  • ALL Grids MUST have a beacon!
    Beacons DO NOT need to be turned on.


  • Please DO NOT build your ship or station within 5K
    of the server trade station(s)!