Space Engineers MOTD

Welcome to Pathfinders and Space Engineers

Things You Should Know


  • No hate speech of any kind including racism
  • Don’t be a dick

Other general info:

  • Beacons are NOT required
  • Grids WITHOUT POWER and UNDER 2000 blocks are subject to server cleanups IF you’re more than 5K from them.
    • Power them with solar, turbines, a battery, or anything to keep them active on the server
  • The server is as the name suggests, largely “Ungoverned”. This mean build defenses and protect your self.
  • Server restarts are at 4:00 AM and 4:00 PM PST unless voted on with “!vote restart” or admins need to make changes / fix glitches.
  • We’ll replace grids for glitches.
  • We won’t replace grids for mistakes. That’s part of the fun of the game. Find a way out of your mistakes engineers!
  • Join our DISCORD for help or general BS. Link to the right.
  • Patrons get perks for supporting the server. Perks WILL NOT advance one player above other, but can offer protection.

Support us on Patreon

Patreon Supporters or “Patrons” get perks in game as a thank you for helping keep the server alive.
It’s expensive to run this a server, so if you want to help keep the server alive, become a Patron.
See the Patron Levels below:

Definitions –
  • Parking Zone
    • You can’t build, weld, grind, damage, drill or edit in any way.
    • Players NOT allowed in these zones will be repelled.
    • Intended as a safe place to park while off line.
  • Anti Griefing Zone
    • Repels players not allowed in the area.
    • DOES NOT protect from damage
    • DOES still allow a player to build on his base or ship in this zone.
    • A player outside this zone CAN still shoot in.
    • Intended as a zone to keep outsiders OUT and prevent unwanted grinding or theft while ON or OFFLINE
  • Base Protection Zone – A premium zone
    • Prevents damage and outside players
    • Still allows a players or factions to develop his base or ships inside these zone.

Intentions –

Zones allows us to setup anti griefing zones that are as fair as possible to non-patrons who want to PVP while offering some protection to players who wish to support the server.
Parking Zones are for players who want to PVP but just want to park a ship when they are off line. This is why you can’t build inside these zones. You’re encouraged to go out into the world and take risks.

NOTE: All perk levels are in USD currency.

Zone Sizes and Patron Level

Parking Zones

  • Small Parking
    • 20 Meters
    • $5
  • Medium Parking
    • 45 Meters
    • $10
  • Large Parking
    • 70 Meters
    • $15

Anti Griefing Zones

  • Small Anti Griefing
    • 40 Meters
    • $15
  • Medium Anti Griefing
    • 60 Meters
    • $20
    • Limit 5 patrons max
  • Large Anti Griefing
    • 80 Meters
    • $25
    • Limit 4 patrons max

Base Zones

  • Small Base Zone
    • 40 Meters
    • $25
    • Limit 4 patrons max
  • Medium Base Zone
    • 70 Meters
    • $30
    • Limit 2 patrons max
  • Large Base Zone
    • 100 Meters
    • $35
    • Limit 2 patrons max