Welcome to Pathfinders

A few simple rules

  • No off line raiding – Unless it’s a 24 Hour Free For All day (Indicated by 5 minute server messages)
  • No Spawning in med bays accidentally left open that don’t belong to you or your faction.
  • No hate speech of any king including racism
  • While we’re balancing the server to Keens new PCU limit that appropriate to us,
    we have little to no specific block type limits.
    If an admin tells you you need to make reductions, please do so.
  • Don’t be a dick
  • IF you see a message that says “PCU Limit Reached. 24 Hour Free For All. Off Line Raiding is allowed”
    This is because the server PCU limit has been reached. This will last only 24 hours. If the message isn’t
    displaying by the server every 5 minutes, and you off line raid, you can be banned!

Support us on Patreon

Patreon Supports or “Patrons” get perks in game as a thank you for helping keep the server alive.
It’s expensive to run this and all the other servers we have.
If you want to become a Patron, see the Patron Levels below:

Definitions –

  • Parking Zone
    • You can’t build, weld, grind, damage, drill or edit in any way.
    • Players NOT allowed in these zones will be repelled.
    • Intended as a safe place to park while off line.
  • Anti Griefing Zone
    • Repels players not allowed in the area.
    • DOES NOT protect from damage
    • DOES still allow a player to build on his base or ship in this zone.
    • A player outside this zone CAN still shoot in.
    • Intended as a zone to keep outsiders OUT and prevent unwanted grinding or theft while ON or OFFLINE
  • Base Protection Zone – A premium zone
    • Prevents damage and outside players
    • Still allows a players or factions to develop his base or ships inside these zone.

Intentions –

In the past, protections zones could be very OP. The new ways we can setup zones allows us to setup anti griefing zones that are much less OP and Parking Zones for players who want to PVP but just want to park a ship when they are off line. This is why you can’t build inside these zones. You’re encouraged to go out into the world and take risks. The server still needs funding, so base protection will be much like it was before.

Zone Sizes and Patron Level

Parking Zones

  • Small Parking
    • 20 Meters
    • $5
  • Medium Parking
    • 45 Meters
    • $10
  • Large Parking
    • 70 Meters
    • $15

Anti Griefing Zones

  • Small Anti Griefing
    • 40 Meters
    • $15
  • Medium Anti Griefing
    • 60 Meters
    • $20
    • Limit 5
  • Large Anti Griefing
    • 80 Meters
    • $25
    • Limit 4

Base Zones

  • Small Base Zone
    • 40 Meters
    • $25
    • Limit 4
  • Medium Base Zone
    • 70 Meters
    • $30
    • Limit 2
  • Large Base Zone
    • 100 Meters
    • $35
    • Limit 2