Getting Started – Sell Ships

Getting Started

First things first, if you haven’t noticed by now, we use our own spawn ships on the server. When you spawn you’ll find yourself in a spawn ships cryo pod. You’ll need to read the screens in your way to get to the ships cockpit area, then build your cockpit. The economy system we use allows players to buy and sell to a NPC market that spans almost all the way to Mars. Outside this area, only player markets exits. All commands in the server start with a “/”. As and example, “/MOTD” (short for Message Of The Day) will display information in the game. We use this as a quick guide to block limits. These limits can also be found HERE!

Space Engineers For Noobs!

  1. Always Blueprint your Progress! – Blueprints can be made of anything you own by looking at the build and hitting your keyboard CTRL + B
  2. Always Name your Builds! – By accessing your builds via ANY terminal or seat with “K” as the default key, you can click on the info tab and
    name your designs. By default grids are name things such as “Large Grid 1234” “Static Grid 1234” and “Small Grid 1234” …. If you ask us
    to find your missing ship, knowing the name of your ship is vital to the successful recovery of your hard work.
  3. Using Space Master! – If you need to use creative mode to replace a missing ship (due to a game glitch and not your own mistake), we’ll often
    grant you “Space Master” on a temporary basis. Please refer to this guide if you’re not sure how to use it.

    1. After revieving a message that you have been promoted, on your keyboard hit ALT + F10
    2. Check the box in the upper right labeled “Enable Creativer Mode Tools”
    3. Exit that screen with ESC
    4. On your keyboard hit F10 – This will open your bluprints menu
    5. Select the blueprint you’re replacing on the server.
    6. Hit OK
    7. Look in the direction you want to paste your ship and hit CTRL + V
    8. If needed Shift + middle scroll wheel will mobe your ship closer and further.
    9. Insert, Home, Page, Delete, and End keys will rotate your blueprint
    10. Left click to place when you’re ready.
  4. Build a Beacon First! – Server cleanups delete anything without a beacon. To avoid being caught in a cleanup, build a beacon FIRST!
  5. Become Familiar with Chat Commands! – This server along with many others use chat commands with many functions. Some KEY COMMANDS ARE;
    1. /motd – A must to familiarize yourself with updates and block limits you may encounter as you start to build larger and more advanced grids.
    2. /info – Will list additional sub commands like “/info sellaship” to give information in game on many topics.
    3. /msg – Will give you instructions on how to direct message another player.
    4. /f – Will allow you to faction chat.

Some quick commands to get you started with the market are;

  • /bal – to check your balance
  • /hud on – to see more market information
  • /buy – will display more buy options
  • /buy 1 “elite welder” – to buy 1 elite welder
    NOTE – Items purchased that contain more than one word in the name MUST be in quotes. “Elite Welder” “Uranium Ingot” “Uranium Ore”
    HOWEVER – If a items name is unique enough, you may use short names WITHOUT quotes, like /buy 1 comp – will buy 1 computer component.
  • /pricelist – will display a full list all items you’re able to buy and sell. Some items are blacklisted and intended for sale only at player marksts.
  • /sell – works to sell items to the market you’re in range of or to other players.
  • /sell 1 “elite welder” – will sell 1 elite welder from your player or ship inventory to the nearby market
  • /buyship – Used while looking at a ship or station. Will give you value details of a ship including what it’s being sold for IF it’s for sale.
  • /Worth – Does the same as /buyship
  • /buyship #### (where #### is the asking price of a ship) – will pay the owner from your balance and transfer ownership to you.
  • /sellship #### (where  #### is the price you wish to sell a ship for) – will list a ship or station for sale. Must be looking at the ship!

For a full list of all economy commands visit the workshop page on it HERE or type into your browser SE-ECON.COM

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