Rules And Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines by Topic

Follow the following links for information on server rules by topic.

  • MOTD – A temporary replacement for the Message of the Day on the server. AKA /motd command.
  • New Player Tips – New to the server? Noob to the game? Havent been on Space Engineers in a long time? Go over this!
  • Getting Started – A few tips on the way we play Space Engineers, commands you’ll need to know, and info on how we solve problems.
  • PVP Rules and Edicate – Just what it sounds like. If you intend to PVP on this server, you better know what you can and can’t do.
  • Grid & Block Limits – What is says on the tin.
  • Selling Ships – What you need to know before you sell ships on this server at the player spawn!
  • Hosting your Own Market – This will help you get started on setting up your own market!