Rule Updates, Additional Mods, More Content!

First of all, I would like to thank all of you in the community for playing! Going from just Helljumper and me to 10 people+ has been a blast! Normally for basic updates. I would just post in our Discord. But it seems our website is collecting dust and could use a few blog post as well. So take a seat and get a glimpse of the future of our community.

Rule updates and emphasis on communication.

As our community continues to grow, so will our need for changes. As many of you know game modes like Liberation, even though cooperative and against AI. Require a high degree of communication. I think the soft password and whitelisting has done wonders to put people on the same page of. But it’s clear that this can be further improved and needs to be as we continue to grow as one the few semi-public TIOW servers out there.

To this effect, we are implementing new Teamspeak guidelines that will be enforced. These are met to continue to enforce the golden rule of communication that has made this community work so well in the past. The rules are as follows.

    • All members must be on Teamspeak when playing. This already has been a rule, but will be even more enforced then usual.
    • TFAR is not mandatory on first few plays, but it’s expected that any player works towards getting it functional. Players showing refusal over several sessions may be kicked at Global Admins discretion. This is to benefit you as much as the team, because without it. It sounds like chat spam.
    • Players must speak English on the server. Speaking native languages in groups is fine, but one member must be able to speak English and be responsive to other players.

These rules will be updated in the #getting-started page as well, and be effective immediately.

On another note for Rules, I would like to emphasize that any abuse of the system, rather through trolling or negligence. Can be fixed by our admins. We can reset civilian relations, reset enemy awareness, and spawn lost resources in. However, it’s imperative that people understand the difference between deliberate negligence vs tactical mistake. A group of players driving supply trucks only to get smacked by Valkyrie they should have been aware of. Isn’t the same as leaving a bunch of Chimeras at a town after logging. As our community grows, I encourage all of you to continue to teach players a thing or two. Remember we are one the few 40k groups that actually play in what could be considered a very close real battle situation. Everything is out of our hands, and there is no Zeus to delete something you deemed unfair. That is what makes us strong, that is what makes 34 days of Altis turn into a 16k body count for the enemy with roughly only 3000 of our own losses. Live, Learn, Die, Adapt!

Now, off to the mod list updates.

As many of you know, we will be going off into the wonderland of Winter Chernarus. This means we will be adding a couple of mods to our list. This includes

If you are confused on TFAR BETA. TFAR beta is Beta, is the offical version of 1.0 usually only avaible on the TFAR website. It offers mostly new technical features that I look foward to exploiting and intergrating into our mission in the future.

All three of these mods will be required by the 8th of this month! I will make an official announcement when the requirements are live!

So about that Winter War…

So Winter Chernarus will take the fight north of Vista 4 to one of the major landmass islands. The Tau, who have been entrenched and slowly building up support. Have been forced out to the open thanks to a fresh offensive by the Imperium wishing to liberate the area. Why the Tau lack numbers, they make up for Human Auxiallary element, and a large array of drones made of both their own, and hybrid between their AI’s and local technology. As each side dawns their winter camo on. The fight looks to be much grounded and fierce.

As part of this change, I would like to note that Today. There will be a patch coming out that adjust the overall gear for the Tau. Including improving their armor, and some weapon tweaks. This should make them a strong fighting force in their own right even against Space Marines.

Additionally, along with this mission will be a large community update and some additional features added to this mission. This includes a resistance that switches types based on levels. For example, a supporting resistance might sport PDF gear, why an enemy PDF might sport more renegade qualities. You will also see some quality of life scripts like mag repacks.

Tau/Human Supporters


    • Advance Tau gear, armor, with still access to most human weapons.
    • Entire A3 series of drones on top of the Tau ones.
    • Start with 25% reputation with civilians
    • Have a small number of supplies at each server restart be spawned at the Ops base.
    • Nyx all types available. Thanks to human supporters
    • Dynamic loadout at Ops base for Drones with Pylons. (could into a building)
    • several enemy types lack night vision


    • No heavy tanks, like Russ.
    • Chimera needs to be unlocked.
    • No Hussar AA systems. You need to rely on manpads and the Nyx variants.
    • Enemy utilizes Valkryie.
    • SM enemies still present.


Imperium of Man


    • Access to full human gear, including tanks.
    • Access to the Polaris PDF division with a few extra vehicles such as the Mora with the ability to upgrade SLAT armor.
    • Ability to field Valkries (Will require pilot certification, more on this later)
    • Ability to field SM as players and AI.
    • No paratroopers to deal with(enemy doesn’t field air transports)
    • Ability to build mechs again(after unlock).


    • No access to Xeno equipment
    • The enemy has full access to night vision.
    • Aircraft have to deal with smarter human enemies that will field manpads.
    • Drones that have ATGM abilities, and even Anti-aircraft abilities.
    • Start with -25% populace support


You can vote here, remember Tau will be getting an upgrade. So don’t let the current stats dishearten you from the greater good!

Finally, supporting this server.

As a few may know, we rent out a machine in Seattle, WA. Our headless clients also cost money. It has been thanks to dozens of past and present members through their donations in Patreon we have been able to turn this community from a dozen to 300+. Now the question comes to my mind, what is a good donation scheme for our server? Bohemia Interactive, and the overall Arma 3 community have very strict rules and regulations on this topic. I’m proud to say that I have made sure that not only are we a monetized server. But I have stuck to those rules to a T, asking every mod author’s permission to use their mod on our server, and avoid mods we don’t have that permission. However, there is one more addition to this complexity. That is our relation to GW and this 40k mod. Similar to the Halo mod, Us as the dev team have agreed that no money should be based/gained off this mod. To that extent, I have interpreted both GW and our decision that I will not be making any custom skins or textures based on a donation for service. Instead, I’m offering something slightly different. I have been dusting off one my original concepts with the ORBAT system. For those who don’t know what that is. It was an interactive menu in which you could click on various units to see where they fall in the chain of command, name, leader, ect. I would like to take this system and turn it into a memorial and pseudo stats tracker for players willing to donate.

This system will not only show who has donated but will include a list of campaign medals and accomplishments that will be rewarded by admins and global admins throughout acts of bravery and such. If you desire to be placed in a collective unit, we can arrange that as well and show off the unit’s accomplishments!

Donations start at $2 a month, but various levels might be implemented with new options and features. Remember $2 is a candybar these days, It’s not much and all money goes right back into our community.

You can find our Patreon link below!

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