Spokane Survalist Society Presents…

Vanguard of N.E.S.T

A Pirate Ship Design Competition

As we get closer to developing and releasing our 4th planet, along with the new resource. We decided it’s time to give you a sneak peak on how our community can come together to create something unique for our server. As well as what future competitions at the $200 Patreon level can help us give back.

The Story so far…

Strange signals have been picked up from the further reaches of open space. Experts have yet to decipher the full messages, but have determined the signals to use the same encoding as SPAT.  The little information Alpha Corp could piece together it doesn’t bold well for the local system. It appears element within SPAT have reformed into a more organized machine. Phasing out the old outdated designs, and focusing on matching the current era technology. They call this new faction Nefarious Extraterrestrial Space Tyrants or N.E.S.T for short. Made up of the best and brightest of now disbanded SPAT. Their technology and design is now on par with our own. Prepare your weapons of war engineers, for they will be put to the test!

The Theme

NEST is a new faction we plan to bring in to replace the dated SPAT faction. We want to include all the mods we offer and put them into new designs which will make them more fun and a challenge for both vets and new players alike. The Vanguard of NEST is the recon, scouting, and harassers of the new fleet. Slick and hard hitting, but not necessary heavy built is what they are about. Drones, and even torpedoes might come out of them, but a large size and well armored ship can still take them in a 1v1 fight.

The Rules

  • Designed ships must follow all block limitations as given by our Server Rules.
  • All ships must have a Red and White color scheme.
  • All Grids need to be named what you want it to be called.
  • Ships destined to be spawned with a antennae may not have spawn antennae of their own.
  • Spawned grids for your main ship must be smaller rather it’s a large grid or small grid.
  • Small grids cannot summon large grids unless they have the “scout” script in them.
  • Also all ships must be submitted in by (April 20th!) to be judged.**
  • All Large Grid ships must have a interior and a pilot seat.
  • Multiple ships must be 60% different from each other.
  • Ships need some form of cargo container. Supplies not required.
  • The ship must be completely your own design!

**Submission instructions will come in two weeks before the deadline.


Judging is done by a vote/point hybrid system.
  • You may submit up to a total of three ships. Rather they are linked together as a spawn/mother ship system or separate. For each grid submitted you receive a extra 1/2 point. Allowing you to have a total of 1 and 1/2 extra points.
  • Including the shield mod into all of your submissions nets you a 1/2 point.
  • After the deadline. Voting will commence, with each vote counting as 1 point.
  • Also please note this is subject to change over the course of the competition.

The Prizes

  • Top three ships each get a $20 Steam Gift Card
  • 4th and 5th place get a free LCD logo implemented into our mod


Additionally, entries automatically have a chance in being in our mod. Lets build our worst enemies together!



I have a rough guide written here, that goes through some basic tips and scripts for you to use. We will also have a Discussion channel specific on our Discord as well if you want to discuss and show off your in-progress designs.


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