One Small Step

Patreon has reached $200!

I would like to say thank all of you for the continue support for our community. It means a lot to Zat and I, and we are pumped to see it get this far. As I mentioned in our Discord announcement, with this new goal we have enough funding to provide actual prize support to our bi-monthly competitions. This is a huge leap for us, as we can now give back to our very supportive community.

Competition unlocked!

As some of you heard on Discord, we will be starting off with a design competition that will be the foundation to our new pirate faction. This will allow us to create our own personal, and unique pool of PvE content that also stays updated with the current mods. Bringing new challenges for players, and events that will continue to transform our server into something unique. The full announcement will be released shortly, as I hammer out the final details and give you guys a rough guide to assure people are designing more then troubleshooting.

So what is beyond this?

As you may have seen, Zat has supported Torch. Torch is the next generation replacement of Server Extender, a god send for all SE servers and what allows us to keep the clang to a minimum.With Zat’s contribution we will now get early access and priority support as features come out. We look forward to what Torch will bring to our community and wish the Torch team the best as they continue their development on the project. We will continue to work on our current planned in-house mods. Expect some exciting announcements as we get closer to our release of our Frank Herbert Dune inspired mod for SE. The future is bright my fellow engineers, and I for one look forward to taking this small step turning it into a stride!

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