Player Market Setup

Player Market Setup

Player markets have to be linked to a beacon and cost credits based on the size of the market.
The Max size of a player market is 5 KM and costs $100,000 at this size.
To register your market follow these steps.

  • Registering a market
    • While looking at your beacon type “/tz register market-name radius sphere”
      • Example “/tz register Zats-Market 5000 sphere”
      • To keep things simple, your name should have no spaces
    • If your beacon is destroyed, you can re-link your market.
      • Replace your beacon
      • Type in chat “/tz relink market-name radius sphere”
    • Your market can be portable, but will not work if it overlaps with any NPC markets.
      • All NPC markets are 180 KM from the GPS locations found in spawn ships
        and on the GPS page.
      • Once your market is setup and you’re ready for customers, you may ask Zataralee on
        Discord to add your GPS to the GPS web page.

Stock Management

Now that your market is setup you need to stock it and setup some basic protections.
The following bullet points will help you setup a market that functions well.

  • Stocking your market
    • Your new market is stocked from items you “sell” to your market
    • You don’t get money out, but your items go into the market.
    • You can use this as EXTRA storage as well.
    • If you need to get items from your market you can “buy” from your
      market at no cost.
    • Selling to your market is the same as any NPC market.
      • Be inside your market zone
      • Type /sell count item
        • Items with more than two words in their name require quotes.
          • “Uranium Ingot”
          • “Iron Ingot”
        • Items who’s name are unique enough can be shortened.
          • Computer Components – Comp
          • Construction Components – Const
          • Motors – Mot
        • You can also use “all” to sell items
          • /sell ALL “Iron Ingot”
        • If you’re sitting in a seat, you may sell from it in addition to your player inventory.
          • You will not be able to sell Uranium in reactors
          • You can’t sell Uranium with “all”
          • Some other block types may cause complications to this, so for best practice,
            place all items you want to sell into cargo container/s
  • Buying from your market
    • Buying from your market is the same as any NPC market.
      • Be inside your market zone
      • Type /buy count item
        • Items in your market are sold to you at NO cost. They are yours.
        • If you’re NOT in a cockpit as detailed under “Selling to your market”
          these items will go into your player inventory.

          • If your player inventory is full, you will need to empty it and
            type /collect to collect the items in limbo between your market and you.

Protecting Your Market

Now that your market is registered and stocked, you need to setup some protections.

  • Protection Needs and Types
    • Stock and Fund protection
      • Because your markets funds are also your (The Players) funds, it is possible for a player to
        bankrupt you by “selling” you stone for example without any limits. To prevent this follow these steps.

        • For each item, use “/tz limit item amount”
          • Sets the the maximum amount to limit on hand stock – stops buying when this number reached
          • Use ‘MAX” for no limit. Examples:
            • /tz limit “iron ore” 10000
            • /tz limit ice MAX
      • You may also restrict items on your market with “/tz blacklist item”
        • Example:
          • /tz blacklist stone
      • Lastly you may close your market for business. However, this will prevent you from making any profits
        when you’re not online and is NOT recommended. If you wish to do this, follow these steps.

        • Type /tz close “market name”
          • Note that a player can have 3 markets.
        • To open the market type /tz open “market name”
        • You may also switch your beacon connected to this market off to turn off the market.
    • Physical damage protection
      • Shields
        • For most markets, shields are adequate to protect your market.
          • If you use shields, it is recommended that you use at least one LARGE Shield full of
            Capacitor Upgrades.
      • Protection Zone
        • Protection zones will prevent any and all damage or griefing.
          • These zones are offered to players who support the server through Patreon.