Block & Grid Limits

Block Limits

The point of these limits is not for you to try to max them out. This is all about server performance.
We suggest you try to operate well below these limits so that we can keep sim speed as high as we can.

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Grid Size Limits

Section Definitions
Large – Refers to Large block sizes as apposed to Small Block structures.
Small – Refers to small blocks as apposed to Large Block structures.
Grid – Anything you build. This could be a station or a ship. Even a single block of any type standing on it’s own is a grid.

Max Grid Sizes

There are many ways to find the size or block count of your builds. With the assumption that many players will use blueprints
to build larger grids, the total block count can most easily be found under the blueprint details. Limis are as follows;

  1. Two Large Grids LESS THAN 6,000 blocks
  2. Three Small Grids LESS THAN 1000 blocks
  3. Factions who’s members don’t build a second large grid may have one static grid up to 10,000 blocks.

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