Expanding to new frontiers.

War, war always changes…

I’m proud to announce we are close to releasing the next of our in-house development mods.

The Combat Engineer Mod aims to present a new expansion on an often overlooked meta in Space Engineers. No longer will engineers lack the tools to defend themselves in a tight situation. Offering an array of various infantry weapons, and tactical solutions for the more grounded engineer. I’m hoping this mod will serve as an excellent option for less established players being able to fend for themselves in an increasingly deadly universe.



The AR25 first made its appearance during first encounters of Alpha Corp and NEST. The rifle was far more robust than the standard automatic rifle the engineers wielded. Providing a better performance than even the elite rifles, more than making up the cost.

After reverse engineering, the AR25 was distributed and marketed to the various factions on the sector. The design was crude but effective, it became known for its violet tracer rounds that it uses due to metals used in the making of each bullet.

The AR25 has since seen development by various benefactors. The AR25 Tactical is an improvement upon the model, featuring ED-1 holo sights, improved railings for easier mounting. On top of this, the tactical model features a 40mm rocket launcher. Capable of firing both HE rounds and AP rounds.


The AR25-RCC was developed by Raven Core in cooperation with Alpha Corp. Design implications sought to create a precise and powerful new line of AR25’s. Featuring a reworked receiver, custom fabricated barrel, and a heat shield to keep the weapon cool. With the extended barrel, and a reworked firing mechanism. The AR25RCC edition fires a far more powerful, custom tooled Stormaloth cartridge that can punch through armor with ease, but the draw back is a ridiculous slow fire rate;.


Electronic Reactive Armor

ERA armor is designed to stop perpetrators in their tracks. Utilizing a high voltage current, when destroyed the resulting explosion is from a large plasma ark that often vaporizes the projectile before it can do any more damage. This armor gives small grids tactical solutions when dealing with much heavier weapons. Allowing that miscalculation in maneuvering to be a lot less lethal situation.



You can expect to see this mod released this week, with a special infantry warfare event this Sunday!


After hammering out the major bugs of the NEST mod. I decided to let it simmer a bit and see what becomes of it. I have been keeping all your feedback in my notes and along with the new mod you should expect to see some major changes in the NEST mod as well. It’s become clear to me that we have succeeded in getting challenging PvE content on the server, and we have plans to continue to add to this further down the line. It also appears that many new players are having issues with them, since they are not as established as some of our vets. Expect to see the following changes over the course of this week.

  • Added sections to the website for new players to learn about the ships.
  • A re-balance in spawn, with possible enabling vanilla pirates.
  • Proper faction name for NEST.
  • A couple new ships that didn’t quite make it in the original release.



Voting a long overdue thing!

I would please to announce that are funding issues have stabilized and we can now pay out the rewards for the winners of the first NEST contest. Please go to this link https://www.patreon.com/posts/vanguard-of-n-e-8513578.

If you wish to get an up close view of each ship. Simply Search NEST VOTING in the Space Engineer server menu. You will find a nice tour and display of all the ships submitted to the competition!

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