Arma 3 Liberation

Pathfinders Liberation 40k

Liberation Pathfinders 40k, is a unique take on the Liberation game mode. Featuring There is Only War Arma 3 mod as it’s foundation. Fight against unique enemies, with various combat styles.

The vanilla Arma 3 universe is transferred to the 41st millennium onto the world is known as Vista 4. A Civilised planet, characterized by its large number of mini landmasses. Ranging from 100s of kilometers to a few dozens. The unique development has led the populace to be spread out over thousands of islands. Creating a culture that is scattered but unified with traditions and government.



The islands are divided up into several sectors, which in turn are broken down into counties. Each island has a self-appointed mayor who oversees the islands well being. Due to the isolation factor, some islands are considered Lost Islands. Not due to the lack of location, but have fallen due to outside forces. This can include anything from disease, local economy collapse, or even feral Orks or cultist. Often, particularly dealing with Orks. The PDF will resort to containment rather than a full-scale invasion.



The PDF of Vista 4, commonly known as the Hussars to the locals. Area product of the planets unique structure.

With plenty of lost islands to fight and train against feral orks. The Hussars are considered professional soldiers in their own right. What they lack in technology, they make up for skill. Each sector is assigned a regiment of PDF, which then divides its units into garrisons. If a sector has a particularly large amount of small islands, a localized deployment point will be assigned allowing the PDF to deploy at the moments notice to an island in trouble. This is often reflected in their equipment, using ancient but effective rotor blade aircraft to quickly deploy assets from one island to the other. Over the several years as both islands and sectors became battlegrounds. The PDF has been whittled down, their elite Kill Teams. Now reduced to a small handful. However, those regiments still in active shape are battle-hardened and ready to put an autogun round into xeno and cultist alike.

Liberation 40k Guide coming soon!